Friday, May 5, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The much awaited American film release 2017 is a superhero movie from the makers of Marvel Comics entitled Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. This film is a sequel to 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy, where the film has a box office of USD 773.3 million. The film is written and directed by James Gunn. This is a all star cast film where everyone will surely enjoy watching in cinemas.  The first franchise installment is good with the introduction of the characters.  However, this Vol. 2 is far more awesome.  Groot in the first film is a full matured tree in the voice of Vin Diesel. In the second franchise installment or Vol. 2 where Groot is now Baby Groot. 

The all star cast featuring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista (ring name Batista), Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff, Elizabeth Dibicki, Chris Sullivan, Sean Gunn, Sylvester Stallone, and Kurt Russell.  In this film, Peter Quill played by Chris Pratt has to discover his true parentage and also, where the Guardians has to travel in the galaxy and learn the value of family.

In summary of the film, the Guardians of the Galaxy has to accomplished their mission assigned by the Sovereign race where they have to protect the batteries from a monster in exchange for Gamora's sister Nebula. She was caught by attempting to steal the batteries. However, Rocket has to steal some batteries for himself. That is why the Sovereign race lead by Ayesha to attack the Guardian's ship with the fleet of drones. The Guardians has been forced to crash land on a nearby planet and actually save the Guardians by a mysterious ship from the drones. The mysterious ship was aboard by Ego and Mantis. Ego is the father of Quill. Moreover, the Guardians has to separate from one another. The group of Quill with Gamora and Drax to his home accompanied by Ego and Mantis. While the other group of Rocket and Baby Groot has to repair the ship and guard Nebula at the same time.

Furthermore, Ayesha employes Yondu Udonta and his crew to capture the Guardians of the Galaxy. Yondu was exile from the Ravager community for child traficking.  Yondu and his crew tracked down the Guardians' ship and caught Rocket and Baby Groot by surprise. However, Rocket has a funny way of attacking their bounty hunters. Then, Yondu with his telekinetic arrow and control fin captures Rocket. Yondu has resitance to turn over Quill by which the separation of the crew and thus, mutiny lead by Taserface with the help of Nebula. She went after Gamora in the home planet of Quill. Rocket and Yondu bonds together in their prison holdings. While, Baby Groot and with the assistance of Kraglin for the escape of Rocket and Yondu. The four of them, escape in an another ship. Taserface tips off the Sovereign race and then, the ship is destroy. 

In the planet home of Ego, he explains to Quill that he is a Celestials. He assumed a human form all over the universe to interact with other species. He eventually meet Merideth, the mother of Quill. After Merideth's death, Ego hired Yondu to get the young Quill but he did not delivered the boy to Ego and he searched Quill in the galaxy ever since. 

The sequel is definitely has family issues for Quill and Gamora. The Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is not a team of mischief superheroes but being a family as well. The true meaning of family and friendship focuses in this film. Of course, in every theme of superheroes, good versus evil and in the end good triumphs. Why? Superheroes should always be victorious as good against the evil forces in the universe.

The film has its funny moments to be all the time. It is either in the dialouges or in the situation. You will be excited to watch Baby Groot in the voice of Vin Diesel that the character is really a baby. It has self gratification because it is a baby and as if it discovers the world for the first time. No really comprehending of what is happening to its world around. 

This film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is recommended for all audience. The veteran actors such the likes of Michael Rooker, Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell are still in their best performance ever. The voices of Bradley Copper and Vin Diesel in the character of Rocket and Groot respectively are commendable. 

Watch the part where in the middle of the fight and someone is requesting for a masking tape is one of the funniest scenes in the movie aside from the Baby Groot character. In the end, the film is a feel good movie of superheroes with family values.

See you in the movies.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Train to Busan

Train to Busan is a Korean suspense thriller film starring Gong Yoo, Jung Yu-Mi, Don Lee, Ma Dong-Seok and Kim Soo-Ahn. Under the direction of Yeon Sang-ho. S film is so entertaining that I seldom watched this kind film with the flare of pulse racing zombie movie.

This time, it is a need to know why is so talked about movie in town and now this film is already in its third week in the Philippine local cinema theater houses. I am familiar with Gong Yoo in his portrayal in the Korean teleserye's The Coffee Prince.

The plot begins in an isolated place in Korea that a van is blocked by a guard to enter and sanitized the van. The driver is persistent and entered the place. Unfortunately, the driver accidentally hit a doe and leaves the poor animal. But miraculously, the doe survived the accident however, it's eyes is white and not its normal doe. Then, a workaholic manager is a working so hard for his daughter who wants to see her mother in Busan as a child's birthday wish. First things first by the break of dawn the father and daughter when to the train station. The fire fighters are busy that almost they hit the car where the father and daughter is. However, the observant daughter noticed that in the train station is not normal. Something is a mist.

This scene is now predictable where the zombies movie theme is now on its way where the zombies are biting any human on site and turned them into mindless zombie species. The Train to Busan is the likes of Snowpiercer, World War Z, and 28 Days Later. How can we forget the Tv series Walking Dead. This brainless zombie themes are saturated, but still people cannot get enough of this kind of theme. Maybe because of the mystery of the undead.

The film has a heart and drama where the explanation of human behavior from being selfish of just thinking the "me, I and myself" to the good side of thinking others into helping. This positive aspect is a positive trait of being. Catholic and a human being perse.

In the Philippine Star columnist Scott R. Graceau in his column, The X-Pat Files, in this Sunday, September 18 as quote, "The secret of zombie movie success is that, deep inside, we like being scared witless, especially by a cinematic nightmare that seems to have no solution. The zombies never stop coming, and that's what makes them an unkillable adversary at the box office. Ironically, at times we seek just this kind of cinematic shock therapy as an antidote to the real, seemingly unstoppable and unsolvable problems in our midst in the real world." I think he is right.

Train to Busan is a very entertaining and pulse-racing suspense thriller film where it is worthwhile watching even if watching it for the nth time. In the social media, there is the humor that the making of the Train to Busan 2 is filming in the works. The film in the end, made me weep. The water in my eyes just flow due to the ending. I suggest this film to watch and know what is the fussed all about in the comparison of Train to Busan to Train to MRT.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne (film).jpg

Jason Bourne is a 2016 American action espionage film that tells a story about Jason Bourne. This is the fifth installment Bourne francise of the film. The cast are Matt Damon who reprises his role as the main character since he played Jason Bourne 14 years ago in the Bourne Identity (2002). With Matt Damon, Julia Stiles as the former CIA operative Nicky Parsons, Tommy Lee Jones as CIA Director Rober Dewey and CIA cyber head Heather Lee played by Alicia Vikander. Also, Vincent Cassel as the foreign asset and Riz Ahmed as Aaron Kallor, the founder and CEO of Deep Dream, are with the power housed cast. 

Jason Bourne is a former CIA assassin, an American patriot and has a psychogenic amnesia. From the start of the Bourne Identity is trying to get to know his true identity from his real name David Webb. With the help of Nicky Parsons who hacks into the CIA database to uncover evidence about its illegal black operative programs. She apparently discovered new information about Bourne's recruitment that he only tortures in his own compression about this past by which in her breach into the CIA files, CIA Director Rober Dewey orders CIA cyber head Heather Lee to tracked and eliminate Parsons and Bourne in the process. Therefore, the chase begins again and the target is Jason Bourne. Is this uncovering Jason Bourne's identify and the CIA will tracked him down to make him go back to the program? Or take him down once in for all so that to protect the U.S. national security and interest?

Robert Ludlum's novels featured one man individual has a crusade and struggles again powerful adversaries whose intentions are capable of using by all means through political and economic in evil ways. He featured into his writings with global corporations, shadowy military and government organizations into conspiracy theories. Typically good versus evil type of literature in a thriller way.

In the Bourne Trilogy, Ludlum captivated a very detailed sense of suspense-thriller action into his readers and succesully into the Bourne francise films to the audience all over the world. Still, the imagination of the mind through reading books has a better impact and worth while. However, Matt Damon reprising his role, Jason Bourne provides an excellent portrayal of the main character going through his adventurous journey for both internal and external conflicts, namely finding his true identity before these mayhem started and the CIA wants to take him down because he knows too much about the illigal black operative programs.

The film still excites me for 123 minutes or at least two hours with non-stop action and action scene of car chase and motorcycle chase. Jason Bourne films features countries in Europe, and the United States of America. It is an espionage heaven to have technology surveillance in these super power continents.

I recommend this film because Jason Bourne still has it particularly if you are fan of Robert Ludlum's novels and Bourne film franchise. This film has all the ingredients of a thriller-suspense action espionage film with the likes of James Bond and having a psychogenic amnesia. One of my favorite line in the film are "What has that got to do with me? It doesn't make any sense... Why? What has that got to do with me? Why would you do that? and Letme think about it."

Saturday, September 28, 2013

August Rush

File:August rush poster.jpg

"Music is all around us, all you have to do is listen." from August Rush in the finale scene of the film of the same title. August Rush is a 2007 about finding ones family through music. It is just like Oliver Twist or Annie in a more light dramatic way particularly in music. Music will move you in many mysterious ways. Everything happens for a reason. We are constantly searching for our own calling in life. This film will inspire you to think and feel the power of that great purpose in you life.

The film defines music in many million ways and sometimes in the event our Creator will call you for His own ultimate plan for you. Some of the film critics about this film at that time (2007) criticized it as nothing special at all. It is so difficult to create a film and rarely a film this one that will inspire people in having that hope again.

Being a musician at heart, this film is a story about music and how we are connected to the people around us. Stop hearing things around us and start listening to the things that really matters. If you will only analyzed that the Lord is talking to you and giving the right signs for the direction of His plans for you.

As an educator, I am not just teaching Music, English or any kind of subjects in schools. I am proud to say that I am teaching life. And now, I am happy that I am sharing my God's given talents. Either you make a person or destroy a person. I rather choose the first one. We only live in this world. Make life to the fullest. Keep the faith.

Watch this film. I highly recommend it for those people thinks that life is unfair and hopeless. Let in the child's experience how he finds his parents through listening to music in bringing back the hope not just for himself but for thousands of people listening to his music. Believe in Music, maybe it will make a difference in your life. Believe.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Riddick (2013) is the third installment sequel in Pitch Black (2000) and The Chronicles of Riddick (2004). This is an American thriller science fiction action film. Vin Diesel starred as the title role and produced this film.

Knowing Vin Diesel as a producer. You will here in this film how the budget of $38 million and became hit in the box office of $74,080,000. You will watch only Vin Diesel fighting the alien monsters just like in Pitch Black (2000) but, the twist is that a storm is coming where the creatures will be alive due to the heavy rain or water. Also, the unknown budget actors that you will see in this film. Only Karl Urban who will reprise his role as Vaako and Dave Bautista who is now a retired World Wrestling ring name Batista.

Vin Diesel has numerous films to update where mostly are action films. Vin Diesel is Vin Diesel. He is really larger than life. No wonder that the Filipinos love to watch Vin Diesel's films.

Vin Diesel rode the jeepney at Global City in the premier of Fast and Furious 6 (2013) at SM Mall of Asia


(Reference: Elysium or the Elysian Fields is a conception of the afterlife. This is from the tales of Homer of the realms of mortals, Greek gods and heroes to live in a blessed and happy life in the afterlife.

Elysium is an American Film starred Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. It is a world that separates the rich and the poor. The rich citizens are in Elysium based in a space station with their advanced medical technology Med-Bays. While, the poor citizens are destined on Earth and die.

People will still be the same such as that the rich wants more power if you will based it in our human history. Thus, our hero will save the poor citizens and everyone will be in the world of Elysium at a price the he has to pay. This is like the Greek operatic drama for the right versus evil. And in the finale, a tragedy strikes as an ending. Even just one man, our hero, he decided for that decision and knowing the consequence. However, the outcome will save a lot of lives.

All in all the movie is inspiring for people to strive hard and really make a difference. We only use our 10% of our brains, do the right thing always.

Enjoy the movies.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Man of Steel

The film Man of Steel is release in 2013 where it is based on the DC Comic character known as Superman. This movie is a combination of movie series of  Superman (1978) and Superman 2 (1980), portrayed by the late Christopher Reeves. This time Man of Steel is played Henry Cavill as Kal-El of Krypton or Clark Kent and our superhero as Superman.

The cast ensemble are Henry Cavill in the title role, Amy Adam as Loise Lane, Russell Crowe as Jor-El, Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White and Michael Shannon as General Zod.

We all know that Russell Crowe, Laurence Fishburne and Michael Shannon are excellent actors. Diane Lane and Amy Adam have matured as actresses. The most superb role is Kevin Costner here in this film. He seldom seen in movies nowadays.

The special effects are impressive especially with Weta Digital, MPC and Double Negative providing the visual effect for the film.

The only thing that interest me in this movie is when the Man of Steel is shirtless or before suits up in his Superman costume. Our superhero is an ordinary man who just help many people in grave danger. 

Henry Cavill starred in the Count of Monte Cristo (2002) as Albert Mondego,  Tristan and Isolde (2006) as Melot, Stardust (2007) as Humphrey, The Tudors in 2007 to 2010 a television series as Charles Brandon, the Immortals (2011) as Theseus and Man of Steel (2013). He could really change his appearance that suits his character and as proof of the photos below.

Albert Mondego in Count of Monte Cristo (2002) 

Melot in Tristan and Isolde (2006)

Humphrey in Stardust (2007)

Charles Brandon in The Tudors (2007-2010)

Theseus in Immortals (2011)

Man of Steel (2013)